Call Center Solutions



Our top of the line call center equipment features...

 Web-Enabled Agent - capitalize on Internet technology to customize the solution to meet the needs of your business.
 Inbound Call Routing and Screen Pop! - call routing to the agent with caller information automatically displayed on screen.
 Scalable - from 4 to 480 seats and up!
 Open Architecture - integrate or expand with off-the-shelf products or computers already in your business.
 Relational Database - includes MS Access. Also compatible with MS SQL Server (not included).

 IVR (Interactive Voice Response) / ACD (Automated Call Distribution) - user configurable IVR, changeable without stopping the system.
 Digitized Recording - record and archive portions of the conversation for later retrieval.
 Time Zone Sensitive Dialing - automatically starts and stops dialing a time zone at the user defined time.
 Exclusive Appointment Scheduling Calendar - empower your agents to schedule by campaign, by location or sales representative.
 Voice Broadcast Messaging - allows you to leave pre-recorded messages to dialer-detected answering machines.
 Unlimited Flexible Scripting - branch logic, simple “on the fly” editing and unlimited data capture, use pick lists, modifiable pick lists and open-ended responses to gather critical customer information.
 Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously -predictive dialers allows up to 80 with full control over pacing, reporting and data fields of each individual campaign. 
 Managed Callbacks by Agent or Station - agent-scheduled date and time for automatic callbacks. Edit, delete and re-assign callbacks from the manager station.
 Fully Customizable Data Fields - you decide what data you want to accumulate.
 Comprehensive Reporting - the information you need to make management decisions immediately.
 Compliance with No Call Laws - built in “no call compliance” list management.
 Exclusive Voice and Data Transfer and / or Conferencing.
 Offsite Third Party Remote Verification.
 Silent Monitoring - with break-in capability.