Call Center Solutions


Inbound Services

  • 24 hours a day -7 days a week
  • Customer service
  • Order entry
  • Voicemail
  • Large and small projects
  • Catalogue order entry
  • Mail order 
  • Lead capture
  • Internet Live Chat
  • Coupon redemption
  • Dealer locate
  • Information and referral
  • Fundraising and donation lines
  • Market research
  • Upsale
  • After hours and overflow
  • Custom data transmission
  • Answering service
  • Reservation bookings
  • Emergency response

Outbound Services

We specialize in appointment setting, lead generation, surveying, and sales.

To accommodate your needs Sago uses the most technologically advanced predictive dialing.

Predictive dialer software with ACD systems and IVR systems from Sago including CTI and CRM software.

Sago's unsurpassed predictive dialer capabilities increase agent productivity by up to 300%, eliminating non-productive calls in order to keep agents talking. The predictive dialer enables agents to spend up to 75 percent of each hour talking rather than dialing, resulting in lower costs per transaction and increased contact rates.

Effective for large or small telemarketing groups, the dialing software includes precision that ensures agents receive calls and the associated data specific to your business simultaneously.

Agent productivity is enhanced with capabilities to anticipate when to place the next call and how to detect unproductive calls such as busy signals, answering machines, no answers and disconnects.

Lead generation includes calling potential customers and verifying addresses, getting the right contact person's name, and asking questions to see if they can use your product or service.

Surveying current customers or potential customers will help determine where you are in the market place and what changes you need to make in the company to make your company grow.

Each script is customized to meet and accomplish the goals you outline for Sago. The operators are trained prior to making their first call and actually perform role-playing scenarios with other employees. This tests the operators' knowledge of your company and products/services you are promoting. Once trained and the caller gives an objection the operator is already familiar with the scripting so they are not 'stumped'. A Help Desk of frequently asked questions is created to further help the operator on 'difficult calls'.

Menu boxes are placed throughout the script for the operator to pick from a list of choices rather then typing in the information (such as answers to closed ended questions, or answers leading questions which determine if the operator needs to be directed to a different area of the script)

Sago call centers use a digital switch that allows you to have the most detailed call reports. We can provide you with information on the number of calls made or received, average length of calls, speed of answer (inbound), total talk time, hold time, number of calls broken down by day of the week and hour.

Marketing reports are also easily retrieved from our database-reporting program. You can regularly receive a report that tells you, at a quick glance, your best form of advertising, client's communication preference, average sale, outbound statistical analysis, number of up-sells, client demographics, and anything else you can imagine.

All reports can be transmitted via our web page. The Sago web page is secured by entering a user name and password so only your company has access to the orders and information.


       Web Services
  • Live online inquiry handling
  • Live online technical support
  • E-commerce transaction handling
  • One on one relationship marketing
  • Live online sales and order entry       
       Emergency Response Services
  • Trouble shooting with highly trained agents
  • Escalation
  • Dispatching services
  • Emergency on-call companies
  • Emergency paging
  • Corporate reception