Call Center Solutions



Interactive Voice Response solutions by Sago is the leader amongst computer telephony development firms and telecommunications service bureaus. We specialize in automated surveys, outbound dialing automation and customization of interactive voice response and computer telephony applications.

Your business has special needs. Finding interactive voice response systems  that accommodates you is the real challenge. Sago can provide you with the one stop call processing system you will ever need because we give a close look at your business communication needs and then customize the application to accommodate you and can also customize the application the way it will fit your business.Good news is that, you do not have to pay for the development of your IVR from scratch , since we have an application which is off the shelf software and already developed and all we have to do is to incorporate the feature you need on top of what we have already as standard feature in application. At Sago we combine our knowledge base and past years and years of the call processing industry, with an understanding of your business to provide you with best system solution. Your investment is maximized, your special requirements are met, and the benefits begin to pay you back immediately. You are involved directly in the development of your system assuring you the commitment and personal customer service you deserve.

Interactive Voice Response Integration

Sago IVR integrates well on industry Centrex, PBXs, and with Central Office switches. It lets your company function the way you normally do, in most cases streamlined back and front end processes , hence reduced overheads and increased profitability , it handles all calls automatically without delaying assistance to clients, allowing suppliers to check inventories or allowing employees or independent contractors access messages from any where by unique password.

Sago IVR applications are not stand alone solutions. Applications are executed inside of a mailbox on your system. IVR supports T1, E1, ISDN, DID, and analog interfaces. Callers can dial into an application directly or dial into the system and select an application to use. IVR runs on Dialogic (digital and analog) boards.

This is the information age and it is how the information about your business travels between you, your vendors and your clients that is critical. Effective communication can have a dramatic impact on your clients and can appreciably affect your business. In business, you cannot afford to take chances with a communication system that is unreliable. You require an IVR system that operates keeping the needs of your business in mind. A system that keeps information in control and has the scalability to grow with your business, without adding huge overheads and other costs. A system that intelligently integrates your computers and information with changing technologies.