Call Center Solutions


Predictive Dialing

Sago offers Power Predictive Dialing...
  • Instantaneous Live Call Transfer with NO delay time
  • Increase productivity of agents by up to 400%
  • No expensive servers
  • No need to maintain Database or Network Administrators in house
  • Same day Deployment
  • CRM Packages Integration
  • Goldmine Integration
  • ODBC (Other Data Bases Connectivity)
  • List management
  • Data Pop up
  • Flexible Import and Export database utility
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Automatic pre recorded message delivery
  • Instant Tagging of call variables by agents
  • Flexibility of working stand alone
  • Network able and central database connectivity
  • Script pop ups
  • Instantly send information through Fax & Email
  • Interface with industry standard head sets
  • Call Pacing set up
  • Pre Dial and Post Dial Prefixes
  • In house or Remote Call Transfer
  • Call Conferencing
  • Unlimited Call Groups
  • Back end database
  • Add records on the fly
  • Do Not Call list integration
  • Automatic Dial List Mapping
  • Extensive Reporting Flexibilities
  • Option of dedicating up to 3 lines per agent
  • Real time line status
  • Real time Call Logging and Call Trace
  • Agent Call Organizer
  • Agent Call Scheduler
  • Agent Call Reminder
  • Call Recording